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  • 1970

    Mr. Nanang Sutiono, founder of Sutindo Group started metal trading business in a stall at the river side of Pegirian street, Surabaya

  • 1975

    Mr. Nanang Sutiono, founder of Sutindo Group officially established a store at Pegirian street, Surabaya

  • 1997

    10 Mar 1997,PT Sutindo Raya Mulia established

  • 1999

    PT Anugrah Ekstravisi Raya established

  • 2002

    11 Juni 2002,PT Benteng Anugerah Sejahtera established

  • 2003

    1 Sep 2003,PT Sutindo Project Indonesia established

  • 2006

    11 Jan 2006,PT Global Contromation Indonesia established
    1 Mei 2006,PT Sutindo Chemical Indonesia established
    15 Juni 2006,PT Sutindo Anugerah Sejahtera established as the holding company of several companies with its own specialization.
    1 Juli 2006,Sutindo Group started to implement and develop their management system which is known as Sutindo Management System

  • 2008

    7 Apr 2008,PT Pratama Steel established

  • 2009

    9 Jan 2009,PT Rangka Raya established
    1 Feb 2009,PT Global Contromation Indonesia started to focus on supplying non-ferrous materials

  • 2010

    Juni 2010,PT Sutindo Chemical Indonesia started Joint Venture with Toyota Tsusho Corporation
    Juli 2010,PT Sutindo Project Indonesia started to focus on handling Oil & Gas and Mining Companies projects
    13 Juli 2012,PT Global Contromation Indonesia has officially moved to Dupak street, Surabaya

  • 2011

    1 juni 2011,PT Arlindo Anugerah Sejahtera established
    22 Jun 2011,PT Sutindo Raya Mulia, Samarinda branch has officially moved to new office which integrates with its warehouse in Teuku Umar Dalam

  • 2012

    8 Mei 2012,PT Sutindo Chemical Indonesia achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification