Department & Roles

The corporate strategies must be well executed with quality support from outstanding talents and well-established departments. These are the members of existing departments in Sutindo:

Sales & Marketing (SAL)

With our values that prioritize costumer focus such as serving with sincere heart and giving the best out of price and product quality, Sales and Marketing Dept. has become our spearhead for achieving turnover and winning market share target. Our vision for being solid, reliable and trustworthy department will give a big support to achieve corporate visions and missions.

Purchasing (PUR)

Holding the tasks and responsibilities of material stocking, material management, product quality control, and participation in continuous profit management, Purchasing Dept. embraces a focal key in form of proactive talent for learning and adapting in both of internal and external changing environment.

Finance & Accounting (FAC)

Finance & Accounting Dept has important responsibilities to provide accurate and concise corporate finance information as well as being a strategic partner in the corporation to maintain and observe corporate financial resources. With supports from our talented, strategic-minded and meticulous human resources, FAC dept has become a trustworthy department for executing its duty.

Warehouse (WRH)

Our main key that plays a big role in corporate success is an accurate and reliable warehousing system. Starting with material control system, regular inspection & inventory control system, material delivery management in accordance with customer expectations, and participation by dedicated talents have formed a solid department that focus on getting customers’ satisfaction.

Quality Management Representatives (QMR)

With a mission to develop a leading operational system in all business unit lines along with implementation of Balanced Scorecard, ISO 9001, continuous improvement in all aspects, and being internal consultant for all business units; QMR Dept. has become one of the department with dedicated and supporting talents which can improve and drive this organization into a better future.

Human Resources Management (HRD)

HRD Dept is our strategic partner in providing and developing the best talents to support and sustain business growth. All employees will be motivated by a superb performance appraisal system for reaching the objectives.

Information Technology (IT)

Based on modern, integrated, secure and reliable IT service, IT Dept. reaches company's visions and missions by focusing on world information system development.

Product Design & Development (PDD)

Product Design and Development Department ensures the company products designs are perfectly matched with costumer necessities. Our products has been continuously developing into a leader in the market, thanks to our costumer-focused workforce who has analytical thinking and development of research & learning habit.

Management Trainee (MT)

A specific program designed for qualified employees which contains quality training materials in a specific time range to fill specific managerial positions in relatively shorter period by passing the competency standards given.