Meet Our People


12.Anleg Saputra - Kaops 2018

Anleg Saputra - Operational/Division Manager 2018 

Sutindo give me chance to bless people through my profession.

The real success is working with passion to be blessings for others.

11.Mia Kurnia S - Kadept 2018

Mia Kurnia Sari - The Best Department Head 2018

Thanks God for His blessings. Thank you Sutindo, it’s such an honor to receive this award. Especially Mr. Roby, Mr. Jusuf and all of my team members, thank you very much for every support given to me.

I wish for Sutindo’s sustainable victory. Be excellent, trustworthy and never give up. God bless Suntindo Group.

10.Reshindy Adi Kiyoto - Kasie 2018

Reshindy Adi Kiyoto - The Best Section Head 2018 

Sutindo become my priority because my work philosophy can be applied here. It’s “work as my prayers to God, work as the way I socialize and work as a get paid learning”. I can praise Jesus Christ and contribute to the nation. Thank you Sutindo.

I have 3 priority in life :
1. Jesus Christ
2. My family
3. Sutindo

05.Antony Kristianto - Staf Sales 2018

Antony Kristianto - The Best Sales Staff 2018

I can’t believe that I become the winner of Sutindo Best Employee. I give my praise to God, it’s only by His blessings.

My success key is 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

06.Vina Atika S - Staf Pur 2018


Vina Atika Sari - The Best Purchasing, PDD, RND Staff 2018

I’m so glad and never expect become a nominator, moreover to be the Best Employee.

Keep going, I believe that this award can motivate employee to give their best. Keep the passion and give your best.

08.Totok Ratu A - Staf WRH 2018

Totok Ratu Arijanto - The Best Warehouse & General Affair Staff 2018

Thank you for the chance given to me. It’s such an honor and unpredictable thing happen in my life.

Make your dreams come true. Do it with passion, because success will never happen without effort. Also, don’t forget to pray.

07.Liza Novrianti - Staf FAC 2018

Liza Novrianti - The Best Finance Staff 2018

I never expect to be the winner of Sutindo Best Employee. Thank you Sutindo for this chance, winning Sutindo Best Employee award 2018.

There will be a chance for everyone as long as you make your best efforts.

09.Rheni Meiliani - Staf Support 2018

Rheni Meiliani - The Best Support Staff 2018

Thank you for all the co-workers who always support me.

Work with passion and always give your best.

04.Vitri Meirindah S - Admin Kolektor 2018  

Vitri Meirindah Sari - The Best Admin & Collector 2018

I thank Sutindo for the chance winning Sutindo Best Employee for some amount of time. I will give my best everywhere I’m being placed.

Be trustworthy in your work life. Have faith that He has a beautiful plan for your future.

01.Didit Sulistiyo - Ope BAS 2018

Didit Sulistiyo - The Best BAS Group Operator 2018

Thank you Sutindo, I hope this award can boost me to give my best every time.

May Sutindo can be a bigger and trustful company.

03.Eko Puji Waluyo - Ope SRM Grup 2018

Eko Puji Waluyo - The Best SRM Group Operator 2018

I’m so grateful. Thank you Sutindo, especially Mr. Steven and family. I dedicate this to my parents and all of Sutindo’s partner.

Don’t forget to pray and do the hard work. If we spread kindness, then it will happen to us as well.

02.Agus Andriansyah - Ope GCI 2018

Agus Andriansyah - The Best GCI Group Operator 2018

Happines can be found from Sutindo family.

Do the hard work to be a good employee, but work harder than others to be the best. “A man reaps what he sows”.



Hulda - Head of Finance Internal Audit Department



"Thanks SUTINDO for the opportunity given to me"

Only by God grace I can join with PT SUTINDO from June 30, 2006 until now. I have desire for continuing my education on 2009, because I was just an alumnus of the University of Airlangga, graduated in 1990. Finally, God answered my prayer, exactly at the beginning of June 2011, the Lord allowed me to move to Surabaya (after approved by BOD), and I started to study at the School of Economics "STIESIA" Surabaya at September 2011. While in Surabaya, I was chosen by Management to become Head of Finance Internal Audit Department (the newly formed division) at the Holding Company.

At the beginning it was difficult for me to split my time between school and work, especially when i have to create a whole new system at work and develop a new team. But there is “never too late to learn”, that's what prompted me to keep the spirit and continue to rely on the Lord in my life both at work and in education. That time I was 43 years old but I still take a new course, because I was thinking it’s already more than twenty years since I learned about current Accounting and I think that I have to update my knowledge.

Although late, I still determined to finish my thesis within 3 months. And finally with the permission of God, I have graduated with GPA Cumulative 3.86 . Thanks God, my GPA is the highest GPA of all students who graduated at the time. I feel miraculous help of God, both in the workplace and in education, and I am very grateful for where I am in “PT. SUTINDO ANUGERAH SEJAHTERA”.

Surely I cannot be like this without the support from Board of Director of Sutindo, especially Mr. Steven Sutiono, as my director, my teacher, and my supervisor. Even now, there are still many things I need to learn, especially in the workplace, PT. SUTINDO ANUGERAH SEJAHTERA.

Thank you for the entire BOD that already provide support to me, Mr. Bo Roby Sutiono, Mr. Hendri Sutiono and Mr. Steven Sutiono. I am proud to be an employee of SUTINDO. Surely there will be many things that I can contribute both in education and in the workplace.
For all of my friends, who were in college while working, do not be depressed and discouraged, be assured that if the Lord is with us, whatever we do for the Lord surely succeed, as long as we always rely on God in every aspect of our life.