About Sutindo


Initially founded in Pegirian area in Surabaya - East Java, Mr. Nanang Sutiono, the founder of Sutindo Group started the company in the early 1970s.

Over time and continuous hard work, this organization has now grown into a group of diverse companies with more than 1,200 employees and 6 divisions including carbon steel, non- ferrous, stainless steel, building materials, projects, and chemical division.

Sutindo Group implements total quality management known as Sutindo Management System that involves every individual at all levels of the organization. This system applies a type of statistical method to manage and develop excellence in achieving customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, it is proven to sustain the political and economic crisis in both national and international for nearly half a century. Nowadays, companies of Sutindo Group are present in numerous cities and ready to serve the world much better.


Sutindo logo was described as a shield with lion head inside. Metal shield as a symbol of a strong protection against competitive distribution business and unifying symbol of family business.

It also represented their core business in the distribution of metal industry. Lion head was the symbol of courage, strength, faith, and truth as a business leader. There were seven shine of rainbow on the lion hair represented a promise of doing business.

References :
A lion is used in the Bible as a symbol of courage, especially in the pursuit of justice and righteousness ( 2 Samuel 17:10; Proverbs 28:1)
Thus the lion well represents the godly quality of courageous justice(Deuteronomy 32:4;Psalm 89:14). Lion was also a symbol of Christ, the lion of Judah

"...His truth shall be thy shield and buckler." Psalms 91:4

"And God said to Noah: I will make a covenant with you. Never gain will all men die because of flood. This is my token to remind you of my promise. I will set a rainbow in the sky." Genesis 9:11-17


Excellent, Trustworhty, Persistent